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20 steps on how to love a girl
Friday, 1 July 2011 | 09:20 | 3 hearts♥

Chubby itu comel,tahu?

Hai semua.Sorry sebab lama sangat hilang.Ah nama pun blog suka suka.I love this song.Catchy gilo.These two girls are not the real singers of this song.Actually Han Ye Seul sing this song,but idk why they chose Uee and HyunA to be in this video clip instead.Bukan diorang saja,kadang kala Mighty Mouth neh tampilkan (wah bahasa) Nicole, IU and banyak lagi artis wanita lain untuk lagu yang sama.Mighty Mouth memang suka nyanyi dengan awek awek lawo lagik hot.

Namun bukan lah dengan siapa Mighty Mouth mahu menyanyi yang aku nak persoalkan dekat sini sebab kalau dia nak feat dengan aku pun aku tak kisah.Suka lagik ada.Nasib aku tak pandai buat muka comel jah,kalau tak dah lama aku masuk dalam klip video neh.Haha.Kau cuba tengok tranlation lirik dia.Ada ajar cara mengayat perempuan.Kalau sesapa yang asyik frust tonggeng punggung tuh,mungkin boleh consider mandi bunga tengok lirik ini untuk meningkatkan bilangan awek di keliling pinggang anda.Haha.Enjoice!

Chapter one
ONE Don't be cheap, say you love her at least twice a day
TWO Anytime, anywhere, express consideration and esteem to each other
THREE Casually send a letter, write it by pen instead of an email
FOUR Refreshing morning call
FIVE Sweet lullaby
SIX Forget about who's watching, surprise her with kiss in front of a crowd
SEVEN Full tight event
EIGHT A date just for her
NINE Rewind to the beginning, just like the first sensations
TEN When you miss her so much, run immediately to her

Chapter Two
ONE Forget about all your past lovers: Taehee, Hyegyo, Eunhye, Younha
TWO Don't compare her with anyone in the world You are so beautiful
THREE When you can't contact her
FOUR When you disagree a little
FIVE Arguing about random stuff, it will help you to get to know each other
SIX When you endure it once more and you wait once more, the love will grow
SEVEN Believe her no matter what others say
EIGHT Like the protagonist in a movie
NINE Even if the sky collapsed, be ready to protect only her
TEN She's a star, now give your love to her

Oh btw,aku tak recommend buat nombor enam chapter one itu melainkan kau couple dlm video KLCC kau dah kahwin.